First International Conference on Sustainability of Natural Resources (Sustainable Solid Waste Management)| QU

First International Conference on Sustainability of Natural Resources

Sustainable Solid Waste Management

Toward Solid Waste Management with

Clear Vision - Responsible Producer - Rewarded Opportunities - Open for Business - Fulfilling Lives


Clear Vision

Contribute to the preparation and development of a vision towards sustainable waste management at regional, national and international levels.

Rational Cost

Forecast the economic and environmental costs of wasting habits in Saudi Arabia and worldwide, and develop appropriate related managerial policies.

Appreciation of Food Value

Discuss the best methods and procedures to manage and reduce food waste.

Rewarded Opportunities

Bringing partners and disciplines together for sustainable waste management practices.

Attractive Investment

Determination of attractive opportunities for investment in waste recycling industry in the Kingdom.

Ambitious Investment

Study of investment hindrances in waste recycling industry in Saudi Arabia.

Responsible Citizen

Establishing a system of awareness raising, educational and environmental trainings that will target all sectors of society to achieve the desired goals.

Interconnected Team

Link scientific research and studies in Saudi and international universities with development requirement’s to meet national challenges.

Conference Topics

Responsible citizen and Appreciating food value
Attractive investment
Integrated Solid Waste Management
Effective management - Sub Theme:
Resource Recovery
Effective management - Sub Theme:
Environmental Protection


Organizing committee:

Committee Chair

Prof. Khaled Bani AlHarbi


Dr. Nawal Naser AlThwaini

Prof. Mohammed AlDagheiri

Dr. Meshal AlMoshaogeh

Dr. Saleem AlSaleem

Dr. Abdullah AlHadiah

Dr. Turkey AlMukhalafi

Dr. Fahad Mohammed AlMansour

Mr. Fahad Ben Nomah

Mr. Ibraheem AlRebdi

Scientific committee:

Committee Chair

Dr. Saleem AlSaleem


Prof. Waleed Zahid

Dr. Saleh AlHowirini

Dr. Adil Eltayeb Abdelnour

Dr. Husnain Haidar

Dr. Mohamed Shafiquzzaman

Dr. Mohamed Othman

Dr. Muntaser Kaheh



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